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After all the fake ‪#‎Banksy‬ hype today, I just found a new #Bristol street piece up on his website!


After all the fake ‪#‎Banksy‬ hype today, I just found a new #Bristol street piece up on his website!

This past week I visited some charter schools in NYC [thinking about making life changes dundundun] and they gave me all kinds of feels. First and foremost is the realization that so many “leaders” of the educational equity movement view educational inequity in isolation—like if we just fix schools for these kids then everything will be magically better. This shallow view causes schools to treat their students like prisoners…no time to actually be children and no encouragement to become thoughtful, questioning people. This is only going to perpetuate the oppression of these kiddos.

FURTHERMORE (and perhaps most importantly)…what are these schools doing to target the actual causes of educational inequity, such as poverty and racism? If we do not center this movement around those things all our work will be a waste. Children who leave schools well-educated but still feeling those effects are still going to have a hard time attaining success. 

It’s all so multi-layered and complex. Like, yes, it’s great these kiddos are doing well on their tests. That’s a huge improvement. But also it’s not enough/the way these scores are achieved could actually be harmful.

I am learning more and more that no progress is perfect and being critical all the time is exhausting. Thank goodness for cookies and adorable children.

Arizona will be a true test to see whether once a place has marriage “equality” the gays keep fighting for other rights. I have a feeling it will only reinforce the prevailing apathy of the wealthy white gay men. BUT IT WILL BE A TEST CASE for all the people who say “once we have marriage then we can fight for everything else!”

Cis white gay men are like I CAN GET MARRIED IM SO FANCY

"You will never say to yourself when you are old, ‘Ah, I wish I was not good to that person.’ You will never think that."

Khaled Hosseini ‘And the Mountains Echoed’

She’s just not that into you


In this scene with Hamlet and Ophelia, it is important that Hamlet is half naked and uncomfortably exposing a lot of skin in front of Ophelia who at this point would have already tried to give Hamlet his things back.